Meet some of our staff

This year Be Seen in Green is supporting a project to help children diagnosed with Brain Tumours.  Meet some of the team involved in their care and why they will be getting their green on, on the 7th July


Ian Kamaly-Asl is a Paediatric Nurosurgeon who has worked at Royal Manchester Children's Hospital since 2005. 


He undertakes operations on children and young people with problems with their central nervous system – this is the brain and spinal cord.  Looking after children with tumours forms a big part of his work but he also looks after children with other problems such as diseases of the blood vessels of their brain.

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Dr JP Kilday has worked at Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital for three years and is a Consultant in Paediatric Neuro-Oncology (brain tumours) & Chair of the Children's Brain Tumour Research Network


He treats children with tumours of the brain and spinal cord. He also leads a team of specialists (the Children's Brain Tumour Research Network) that are interested in improving research for children with brain tumours in Manchester.

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